BIBO News|World’s largest mammalian cell bioreactor landed in Lingang, Shanghai

Time: 2022-11-23  /  View: 756 times

At 2pm on November 11, 2022, with the sudden appearance of a rainbow in the sky, the world's first 30,000-liter stainless steel mammalian cell bioreactor was unveiled in Lingang, Shanghai. This is the core equipment of BIBO Pharma's large-scale CDMO comprehensive platform project for biopharmaceuticals located in Lingang, Shanghai (referred to as "BIBO Lingang Phase II Project"), and it is also the main bioreactor of the world's first 30,000-liter mammalian cell production line.

The main bioreactor was independently designed and developed by BIBO Pharma, with a working volume of 30,000 liters (total volume of 35,000 liters). It is the first and the largest bioreactor in the world, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, only 4 CDMO companies in the world have similar bioreactors with a scale of more than 10,000 liters and corresponding biological drug production lines. Among them, the 20,000-liter bioreactor developed by Lonza, headquartered in Switzerland, is the largest bioreactor to run in the global biological drug field. The entry of the main bioreactor of the BIBO Lingang Phase II project not only filled the gap in China's large-scale stainless steel production line of more than 10,000 liters, but also realized the independent controllability of key equipment, which is a guarantee for the safety of the supply chain of China’s pharmaceutical industry. And its 30,000-liter working volume has surpassed Lonza Biotechnology in terms of scale, marking that China has entered the international advanced ranks in the large-scale commercial production of biological drugs. This is a landmark event in the development of Chinese and even the global biomedical industry. After the bioreactor is put into use, it can reduce the production cost of biopharmaceuticals by more than 70%.