Corporate Profile

("BiBo Pharma") is a company dedicated to the contract development and manufacturing of biologics (CDMO). It is one of the few teams in the world with complete experience in building and operating large-scale biopharmaceutical production lines, and is committed to establishing its leading international PanFlex® engineering and operations management system as the new international industry standard for CDMOs. With its full technology platform of microbial fermentation, mammalian cell culture and gene therapy, BiBo is capable of providing one-stop services from R&D to commercial launch, and will leverage its 30,000 liter single-tank mass production technology, the first of its kind in China and the leading in the world, to provide customers with international high standard commercial production services.
BiBo's team comes from world-class CDMO and biopharmaceutical companies and has led more than 130+ biologics CDMO service projects. This includes 20+ commercialization stage projects.BiBo has the ability to develop lean, pragmatic solutions for our clients that meet the requirements of Chinese and global regulatory.
With deep understanding on the international CDMO industry, we respect and protect our clients' intellectual property with high international compliance. A number of BiBo proprietary platforms will come to the stage soon on China and global biopharmaceutical industry. BiBo’s unique advantages include the following:
EPIC-2BOX™ providing multiple global technology-leading R&D tools to enable new drug development.
PanFlex® engineering construction and operational systems that provide clients with the ultimate solution to market and health care policy challenges in terms of quality, quantity and price.
The ability of XcelaRaX™ to provide emergency support to governments and new drug development companies seeking rapid solutions in times of widespread public health and safety crises.
20+ years of international compliance experience in biologics formulation research and commercial production of sterile formulation filling & finishing.
Dual teams in Boston and Shanghai, bringing the most cutting-edge technologies and ideas to the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry.
The mission of BiBo is "to make accessible, affordable and high-quality drug for patients,". With a global perspective, BiBo will strive to become a trusted third-party contract development and manufacturing partner for global clients and an emerging leader in the global biologics CDMO industry.