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BiBo Biopharma Engineering Co. LTD. (BiBo Pharma) is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) focus on biologics. We are one of the few organizations in the world with comprehensive experience of construction and operation experience of large-scale biologics production lines, and committed to setting up new CDMO industry standards with our world-leading PanFlex® -Engineering capacity and integrated management system. We offer full-spectrum and one-stop-shop services from R&D to commercial production for multi-platforms, including microbial fermentation, mammalian cell culture, and gene therapy. BiBo’s 30,000L large-scale manufacturing capability, which is the first in China and the 2nd in the world, can provide our client with state-of-the-art service for commercial production.

The BiBo team comes from the global leading biologics CDMO or biopharmaceutical companies with track records of leading 130+ projects, among which over 20 projects are on the commercial stage. We are capable of developing cost-effective, practical, and compliant solutions.

With a deep understanding of the industry regulations and operation management system in the global CDMO industry, we respect and protect our client’s intellectual property with high international compliance. We also bring in multiple third-party technical platforms with self-intellectual property to the global pharmaceutical industry. BiBo’s unique advantages include:

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    Lead over 130 projects
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    30,000L stainless-steel large-scale bioreactor
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    21 commercialization stage projects

BiBo team

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